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About Alethea Henry

Life coaching is not just a service that I provide but a passion within me to guide and teach others their potential in order to create a life they deserve and desire. My coaching allows clients to create a vision of themselves and their hidden talents and dreams. My mission is to assist my clients to acquire organizational skills and self-care techniques that will create an environment of growth and productivity. I am equipped with the tools to help guide others, create accountability, and celebrate one’s success. I am an accredited professional who can help you figure it all out. I act as a mentor. This process is based on trust. Professionally, I have over 18 years of experience in the field of education. I decided that I wanted to live a life of purpose, a life of service, full of intent, and passion that would impact lives.

My journey, although meaningful and eventful, has not always been smooth or without incident. Throughout all the ups and downs, I managed to stay true to my passions, making sure to dedicate enough time for athletics; one of my favorite pastimes. Playing sports is a huge part of my story and one of the areas where I just excelled naturally, without all the effort I had to put into other sectors of my life. I relished being part of a team and fell in love with the camaraderie and competitiveness of sportsmanship, but much to my dismay, that chapter of my life would be short lived. I ended up
sustaining some major extensive injuries, forcing me to give up the dreams that drove my expectations for the future; dreams that symbolized a life of endless possibilities for as long as I could remember and I was devastated. It was a colossal bump in the road that deviated the trajectory of my whole entire existence up to that point. Life threw me a curve ball and destroyed the destiny that I dedicated so much time and energy to but I did not give up and my story did not end there. I decided to make sweet, luscious lemonade from the lethal lemon’s life served me. Reinventing myself was my Hail Mary pass and I went all in! The conclusion? I efficaciously went on to earn, not only a B.S. in Physical Education, an M.S. in Special Education and General Education, and my Doctorate in Educational Leadership! I succeeded and paved a way. I have been favored with the first-rate educational experience that allowed me to me create the meaningful and fulfilling career I have today. I am finally in a position, educated and trained, to legitimately and legally coach those in need of guidance and direction. Bravery is not just venturing out into the unknown, uncharted future when hope is high and enthusiasm fresh, but is staying on course.

At this point in my journey, I feel it’s my duty to share my insights, experiences, and discoveries with others that may need some support and encouragement. I have acquired a bit of the knowledge and life experience necessary to optimistically and confidently recommend relative, appropriate, and applicable support services and practices that can help foster the experiences of self-awareness vital to achieving self-improvement. I have the compassion, patience, and unpretentious desire required to foster real connections, establish trusting relationships, and form the genuine bonds crucial to helping people transform their lives. Despite or maybe, because of all the adversity I faced and overcame in my life, I finally found my passion and the true meaning of gratitude. I have been blessed abundantly, exceedingly and beyond with a grateful spirit, an empathetic heart, a benevolent soul and the intuitive insight needed to provide practical, useful guidance and effective coaching.

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