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Client Testimonials

Dr. Henry is thoughtful, direct, non-judgmental, caring, and compassionate. She asked though provoking questions that were non-threatening. She made it comfortable for me to express my feelings, interests, regrets, and goals. She encouraged me to take small attainable steps that helped me formulate a plan for change and self-improvement. Dr. Henry genuinely cared about me as an individual, she helped me realize that self-care is an integral part of all plans to improve your life. She empowered me to take risks and shoot for the stars.


Inwood, NY
Alethea is truly a gifted person. She has been a coach and mentor who has positively impacted my life and helped build my confidence. Alethea's compassionate ways has helped me open up and face things in my life I never thought I would be able to overcome. She is extremely down to earth and very easy to talk to; always making me feel comfortable. Alethea always goes the extra mile and follows up with you to ensure you stay on track and keeps you motivated. Anyone looking to make a change in their life in the right direction, I would recommend seeking out Alethea as a mentor and coach.


Kew Gardens, NY
Alethea is one of the most dedicated, hardworking, and innovative people I know. Alethea is the type of person you can count on to keep a cool head in a stressful situation and her positive attitude is contagious.


Brooklyn, NY
Throughout my trials and tribulations, she has always been the perfect guidance...her ears are my stress easers and her voice is my guidance. She has done so much guiding me through this path we call life. Throughout time you meet people who may come and go but Alethea, you meet and can't let go because her presence is unique and motivating.


Yonkers, NY
Dr. Alethea Henry is a truly special life coach. She has a unique combination of intelligence, confidence, and kindness; all of them beyond words and I think that is why it is so easy for her to connect with others, to understand, to help, and to guide. She not only inspires everyone to be better and happier, she also shows us how to do it. She can sit with you in her joyful, unpretentious, contagious style, and guide you step by step through whatever challenge you want to overcome, or whichever dream you choose to pursue. Through her guidance and help, my life changed in a way I, honestly, never thought possible. I'll never be able to express the depth of my gratitude to her.


Cliffside Park, NJ
Dr. Alethea Henry has been my life coach for three years. She has helped me at my lowest when my father passes away two years ago. Grieving while managing to be a mom, a wife and take care of myself has been hard. She has helped me work through my emotions and triggers, setting small goals to help me get my life back on track and staying on track. She was extremely gentle with me and is a great listener. She is exactly what I needed.


Edison, NJ
Alethea is a woman of strength, compassion and love. I've watched and listened to her often times guide friends, families, and strangers and was amazed at how easily and effortlessly she was able to help them. I, myself have had the privilege of her wisdom and guidance in my own life. Alethea has made me become more aware of my own choices and my own dreams - and I found this to be a blessing.


Tribeca, NY
Each encounter with Dr. Henry, I am left with a sense of encouragement and new found perspective. Her professionalism coupled with her attention to detail are unmatched. Dr. Henry is an exceptional listener, honest, direct, enlightening and inspiring.


New Castle, DE
I could write a book about Alethea. She is one of a kind with an amazing personality. I called her "Faith" the first time we met, and although I was not even remotely close, to me, you are "Faith" and always will be. Why? I was a complete stranger to you, I was just another person visiting NY, I was all alone in an unfamiliar city but for whatever reason our personalities clicked and you took me under your wing. Your laughter and smile are contagious! You are a very beautiful person both inside and out. I can no image life without having ever met you, and with all the wonderful things that happen in life...if you have faith...you have it all.


Spokane, WA
Everyone needs someone to talk to and be able to confide in during some parts of their life. Though, there are not many people that I feel completely comfortable with opening up to, over the past few weeks, Dr. Henry was always there to listen to my problems, and help me get back on track. At what seemed to be my lowest point in life, I have always been able to access her. Some people just give you advice, Dr. Henry, actually gives you a helping hand. She is the best life coach I could ever ask for!


East Stroudsburg, PA

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